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Our natural Himalayan Salt Deodorant sticks never fail to impress - with no alum, additives, colours, fragrances or preservatives, they make a great alternative to your conventional commercial deodorant. They are vegan friendly, plus there is no empty plastic container to hit landfills making it better, not only for you but also the environment. Don't just take our word for it though, here's what our customers say...

"WOW WOW Ordered a few bits from Hotel Organic including a salt bar and a Salt deodorant stick. I am gobsmacked how amazing these products are and how I didn't know about these before. The first day I used the salt bar in the shower and then the stick as I got out under my arms. I was in training all day and the day was hot, i then came home and went to an outdoor fitness camp for an hour ( high intensity). There was no sweat that left my head or my underarms - these are Magic. Would highly recommend."

"Purchased this item a few weeks ago and it is excellent so easy to use and I don’t have to think about any negative side effects definitely purchase this again but not for a long time as it looks as though it’ll last at least half the year or more!"

"I have been looking for a natural deodorant for over a year. I have tried several products this is the only one that works. I have been using it for nearly 2 weeks twice a day . It took about 4 days to start to work but I love it, there is no odour at all now. 100% try this!"

"My skin is more resistive to smelly sweat since using these wonderful deodorants from hotel organic. my skin is smoother feels cleaner with less smelly sweat build up bringing odor at bay. Great mold retainer my black toe nails are gone also from using this bar between my toes."

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