Organic Sage Essential Oil

What is Sage Oil

Organic essential Sage oil is produced from the leaves by way of steam distillation. Apart from being used an ingredient in countless cosmetic products, sage oil also contains many medicinal uses, some are listed below. Sage essential oil is useful in treating multiple medical conditions including herpes, asthma, bronchitis, cerebral palsy, sciatica and asthma. 

Top 12 Cosmetic Benefits of Sage Oil

  • Antifungal and Anti-Inflammatory
  • Antimicrobial and Antibacterial
  • Antiseptic Antioxidant
  • Cicatrisant
  • Antispasmodic
  • Choleretic and Cholagogue
  • Depurative
  • Emenagogue and Disinfectant
  • Digestive
  • Stimulant
  • Laxative and Expectorant

Where Does Sage Oil Come From

Sage is an herb that has a sweet, yet savory flavor. Sage, botanically-known as Salvia officinalis, is native to the Mediterranean region. Sages botanical name comes from the Latin word "salvere," meaning "to be saved



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