Hotel Organic is small privately funded company that has been operating for over 2 years under the helm of our founder and director Gill Cabler Sampson. Gill has always prided herself on having a very organic lifestyle and has ensured throughout her life that she has kept healthy and now Hotel Organic is ready to share its knowledge with the rest of the world. Our company is based in Penge South London and just like anything organic, we also plan to grow and spread our great products as far as we can to promote our healthy way of life.
"Mother Earth and all living species come before our profits"

Our Core Values –

  • All our products are genuine.
  • We only source Organic and natural products.
  • We ensure that our products are fair trade compliant.
  • We do not purchase or plan to purchase any products from unethical suppliers.
  • Animals and people come before our profits.
  • We ensure products of the highest quality.
  • Our customers come first.

What sets us apart from our competitors? Well our products are ethically sourced and are approved by the Cosmos Soil Association as organic or natural (Please have look at our listings and on the packaging of our products) meaning our products are exactly what we say they are.

What’s not in our products –?

  • No silicones - they coat skin, and impede its natural function
  • No mineral oils - derived from petroleum, and have a tendency to block the skin
  • No parabens - these are linked to hormonal imbalances
  • No GM ingredients - not enough is known about possible long-term implications
  • No phthalates - it's reported they have toxic impact on humans and animal life
  • No propylene glycol - derived from petroleum
  • No animal testing - unnecessary and cruel
  • No DEA - associated with known carcinogens
  • No EDTA - (powerful metal chelator), and doesn’t biodegrade readily
  • No acrylates - derived from petroleum
  • No Nano - not enough is known about its long term implications
  • No BHT - linked to breathing and lung impairment
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