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Alexander James - Model

"Hotel Organics Pure Argan Oil is the best I've tried. It is very high quality and reassuring to know it's 100% pure & organic. It's great for hydrating my skin and nourishes my hair. I use it all over my body as a great aftercare for my tattoos, soothing the itchy skin whilst helping to heal them quickly without compromising the colour. This product is amazing and a little goes a long way, I will definitely be buying from Hotel Organic again."


Genea - Entrepreneur  Gyasi - Make up artist and Beauty Blogger

"We can't get enough of Hotel Organics products and really admire their ethics. It's great to know that we are buying from a company that cares about protecting the planet. We're loving their latest product, Argan Oil infused with Rosemary & it's so uplifting and excellent for stimulating blood circulation. Keep up the good work Hotel Organic!"


Tanya Sarne - Founder of Ghost

"I've just discovered Argan Oil and this product is amazing. I love the fact that it is rich in Vitamin E which leaves my skin looking younger & glowing. It absorbs quickly and doesn't stay greasy. I also use it on my hair to keep it looking smooth & sleek. I would highly recommend buying Argan Oil from Hotel Organic, the service is outstanding and I love the ethos of the company. There is no question that it is always 100% real, pure and organic."


Francis Pettican - Owner of Fairwood music and Westbury Consultants.

"I was delighted when I purchased Hotel Organics Himalayan Bath Salt, it works wonders when having a relaxing bath after a hard day's work and for those aching muscles and blood circulation. I would recommend it to anyone. Hotel Organic is a new & fast growing company and seems quite unique when looking after their clients, having such specialist knowledge. I look forward to purchasing a number of their other new product lines."