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Our products range from hair & skin care to bath & body care, which consist of a wide range of handmade organic Moroccan Argan oils, certified organic Lavender oil, natural cleansing salt bars, Himalayan bath salts and enriched organic Dead Sea salts. Our best sellers are the Himalayan salt lamps and the Himalayan deodorant stick. As well as selling our products through our online store. We have a stall at the weekly Bromley market, where we display a variety of stock; such as our natural skin care range, our Himalayan salt lamps and much more.

Ethically Sourced

We have been recognized and approved by the Cosmos Soil Association as an organic and natural retailer. This means that our products are exactly what we say they are. You will not find any forms of silicone, mineral oils, parabens or phthalates in our any one of our products.




Alexander James - Model

"Hotel Organics Pure Argan Oil is the best I've tried. It is very high quality and reassuring to know it's 100% pure & organic. It's great for hydrating my skin and nourishes my hair. I use it all over my body as a great aftercare for my tattoos, soothing the itchy skin whilst helping to heal them quickly without compromising the colour. This product is amazing and a little goes a long way, I will definitely be buying from Hotel Organic again."

Alexander James Model


Genea - Entrepreneur  Gyasi - Make up artist and Beauty Blogger

"We can't get enough of Hotel Organics products and really admire their ethics. It's great to know that we are buying from a company that cares about protecting the planet. We're loving their latest product, Argan Oil infused with Rosemary & it's so uplifting and excellent for stimulating blood circulation. Keep up the good work Hotel Organic!"

Genea - Gyasi


Tanya Sarne - Founder of Ghost

"I've just discovered Argan Oil and this product is amazing. I love the fact that it is rich in Vitamin E which leaves my skin looking younger & glowing. It absorbs quickly and doesn't stay greasy. I also use it on my hair to keep it looking smooth & sleek. I would highly recommend buying Argan Oil from Hotel Organic, the service is outstanding and I love the ethos of the company. There is no question that it is always 100% real, pure and organic."

Tanya Sarne


Francis Pettican - Owner of Fairwood music and Westbury Consultants.

"I was delighted when I purchased Hotel Organics Himalayan Bath Salt, it works wonders when having a relaxing bath after a hard day's work and for those aching muscles and blood circulation. I would recommend it to anyone. Hotel Organic is a new & fast growing company and seems quite unique when looking after their clients, having such specialist knowledge. I look forward to purchasing a number of their other new product lines."

Francis pettican