Natural & Organic Eco-Friendly Gift Set
Natural & Organic Eco-Friendly Gift Set

Natural & Organic Eco-Friendly Gift Set

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Our Eco-friendly Gift Set makes the perfect mother's day gift straight from nature for your eco-conscious mum.

With our certified Organic Argan Oil, a multipurpose moisturizer rich in vitamin E & essential fatty acids cleaning omega 6 and omega 9, essential to helping you achieve beautiful skin, hair, nails and body and infused with Organic Lavender Oil to help fight free radical damage and giving it a relaxing aroma.

Also containing Hotel Organic’s 100% Pure & Natural Soil Association Certified Himalayan Rock Salt is hailed as “the purest salt on earth”. Himalayan Rock Salt has been known to promote various benefits such as aiding in vascular health, preventing muscle cramps, detoxifying the body of heavy metals and increasing hydration. Supplied in our fully compostable eco-friendly bag.

Our all natural Himalayan Salt Deodorant stick with no Aluminium & Alum, no additives, colours, fragrances or preservatives it makes a great alternative to your conventional commercial deodorant. It is vegan friendly, plus there is no empty plastic container to hit landfills making it better, not only for you but also the environment.

Weighs 1055g 


1x Natural Himalayan Bath Salt (550g)

1x Organic Argan Oil with Lavender (30ml)

1x Natural Himalayan Salt Deodorant Stick 

Directions For Use:

Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Lavender

Dispense 1-3 drops of Argan Oil onto palms of your hands and rub them together. Massage into clean hair, skin, nails, face and body. Add a few drops to the bath to relax and soothe the body and mind. For best results apply on a daily basis, or as needed.

Natural Himalayan Salt

For ultimate relaxation, fill a cap with hotel organic's natural Himalayan bath salt. Add the Himalayan salt whilst running warm water, (approx. 97-100°F / 36-38 °C). Let the salt dissolve as much as possible for maximum pleasure. Allow yourself to soak in the detoxifying bath for 15-20 minutes for best results. Please rinse bath after use to avoid staining.

Natural Himalayan Salt Deodorant Stick

Apply a little water to Deodorant Stick & gently glide over clean underarms and let it air dry. Please note that excessive rubbing may cause irritation. You may encounter a burning sensation that will disappear after a few minutes. Dry stone after use and store in a dry place.


Excessive or harsh scrubbing can cause irritation so please be gentle. Do not apply salt to open skin or wounds.

If under medical supervision or pregnant, please consult with a physician before use.