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Natural Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp
Natural Himalayan Lamps Large
Natural Himalayan Lamps Medium
Natural Himalayan Lamps Small
Natural Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp
Natural Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp
Natural Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp

Natural Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp

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Natural Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps

Hotel Organic’s Himalayan salt lamps are pure Himalayan crystal rock salt that come from the foothills of the Himalaya found from the Punjab region of Pakistan. 

The block of salt is shaped and then hollowed out inside to hold a bulb. They create an immersive atmosphere that is perfect for any room in your home. The base on which the lamps stand on are made from wood which is painted with Organic solvent-free odourless eco friendly & non toxic paint. Eco Friendly Paints are Zero VOC & Odourless.


Natural Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp / Natural Wood Base / Organic Paint Base

SMALL - £19.99

The average height of the small salt lamp is 15-18cm and weighs approximately 2-3.5kg.

MEDIUM - £32.99

The average height of the medium salt lamp is 19-25cm and weighs approximately 4-7kg

LARGE - £48.99

The average height of the large salt lamp is 26-31cm and weighs approximately 8-13kg

(Please note that all our salt lamps come in a natural form and are unique and will vary in size).

Directions for use:

For indoor use only. Best positioned in a dry environment. Simply fit a 15w or 25w screw bulb into the hole in the base of the lamp. Plug into wall and turn on. Clean with dry cloth, do not use cleaning products or immerse in water. We recommend using the lamp regularly as it may continue absorbing water when unlit. 

If your lamp is leaking or pooling water this is generally due to it being switched off for extended periods, especially in areas of high humidity. To remedy this, leave in strong sunlight for 4 to 5 hours and brush off any excess crystals. Then gently wipe with an dry cloth and turn the lamp back on.