Find out why your SKIN and our PLANET deserve NATURAL and ORGANIC products

Why choose organic skincare products?

Our skin is a living organ, the largest in our bodies. It is like a giant sponge that absorbs much of what we put on it. Many non-organic skincare products on the market contain a scary amount of chemicals which are linked to skin allergies and cancer. When using chemical filled skincare products your body absorbs dangerous toxins. Many people, particularly those with sensitive skin, are allergic to these chemicals which can cause irritation, redness & break-outs. By using all natural and organic skincare products you can be sure you are getting the purest ingredients so don’t have to worry about these harsh and dangerous chemicals.

Organic skincare products are better for the environment

By using organic products you are helping the environment by promoting the manufacturing of natural and cleaner products. Organic products are made from naturally grown ingredients and are not treated with synthetic chemicals and fertilizers which have a destructive effect on balancing our fragile eco-system. The processing method is cleaner and the packaging is usually more eco-friendly, Research also shows that plants grown organically have a higher level of vital antioxidant vitamins than non-organic.

Why is certification important?

A study showed that although some products are labelled as ‘natural’ or ‘organic’, they still contained high amounts of synthetic ingredients. Unless a product is certified you don’t know how truthful it is. This is why Hotel Organic always certifies its products with the claims that we make about our products. As not all products can be classified organic, for instance salts which are minerals and cannot be certified organic, we have developed a 100% Natural Range for these products.

Go natural and organic!

Since much of what you put on your skin will end up in your body, choosing certified organic or 100% natural skincare products are just as important as having a healthy diet.

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