Hotel Organic Range Now Stocked in Herbamin Sweden

Herbamin store

In July 2017 Gill Cabler Sampson (Owner & Founder of Hotel Organic) took our product range to Sweden, After a successful meeting with Yvonne (owner of Herbamin, Stockholm,Sweden), we are proud to announce that our products are now stocked in their Health Store & Cafe.

 HERBAMIN founded in 1952 by Britt-Lis Björkander and is now run by her daughter Yvonne Björkander. Britt-Lis was also a friend of Alfred Vogel a famous Swiss naturopath and nutritionist who is now best known as the founder of Bioforce AG in 1963, which today operates worldwide in herbal and health food. The origin of Echinaforce, one of A.Vogel’s most famous product originates as a gift from a Sioux medicine man. When Nachrichten lived with the Sioux Indians in the US, he became friends with their medicine man Black Elk that gave him a handful echinaceafrön in parting gift. 

 With over 65 years of experience, Herbamin offer their customers high quality products that enhance their well-being whilst helping them achieve a healthy, nutritious & natural lifestyle.

"The Hotel Organic Range is a great addition to our health & beauty collection. We are looking forward to offering our customers these amazing Organic & Natural products."
 - Yvonne Björkander (Owner of Herbamin)

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