Did you know that your sense of smell is your sense that's most closely linked to memory? Known as 'the Proust effect' researchers have found that certain smells have an exceptional ability to trigger memories. That's not all this powerful sense can do - it can also have positive or negative effects on our mood, emotions and behaviour and it is in fact the strongest human sense.

How essential oils can help this powerful sense

Different smells can change your mood and emotions, for example from feeling happy and uplifted to relaxed and soothed. Essential oils are a great way to help your sense of smell work best for you and can be used as a great strategy to promote positive scent memories for the brain. You can create whatever atmosphere you want by using one of our oil burners or diffusers. Simply put 3-6 drops of essential oils in some water in the bowl of the burner. 

Burning essential oils

Here at Hotel Organic we stock a wide range of certified organic essential oils that can help to promote relaxation, reduce stress and energise your mind. 

Bergamot - uplifting and revitalising

Cedarwoodcalming and harmonising

Citronellarefreshing and cleansing

Exotic Basil - energising

Grapefruit - uplifting, and energising

Frankincense - calming and soothing

Lavender - relaxing and calming

Lemonrefreshing and energising

Lemongrass - revitalising and stimulating


Patchouli - balancing and calming

Peppermint - concentration boosting and reviving

Rose Geranium - uplifting and balancing

Rosemary - helps mental concentration

Sage - soothing and clarifying

Sweet Orangeinvigorating and refreshing

Tea Treecalming yet uplifting

Ylang Ylang - soothing and sensual

If used properly and safely, burning essential oils can help you create a therapeutic and aromatic environment to arouse your sense of smell. All our essential oils are certified organic by The Soil Association meaning you are getting the very best of nature to help restore your wellbeing.

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