Large and Small Sage Smudge Sticks
Large Sage Smudge Stick
Natural Sage Smudge Stick

Natural Sage Smudge Stick

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Sage Smudge Stick from Native Indians in the Americas is known to have spiritual, relaxing and aroma therapeutic qualities. 

Natural Sage Smudge Stick

 Weighs 50g - Small - £3.99

 Weighs 150g - Large - £8.95

Directions for use:

Hold the Stick End. Please Burn the other End with a lighter or a flame in a safe environment, when the flame is lit, shake gently holding the stick end until the flame extinguishes.

The Sage Smudge Stick should now just be letting off smoke instead of flames, making it safe enough to use.

Then feel free to walk around your home with the smudge stick in your hand, shaking it whilst walking to all corners of your home or room.